This 11 x 8.5 inch workbook of 64 sacred geometric drawings was created to enhance your meditation practice. The Seed or Flower of Life designs are original meditative drawings, created during a LovingKindness meditation session. The designs have been paired with words that were inspired by pets and other animals in nature.

Although this book is a useful meditation & journaling tool by itself, adding the use of one of our card decks can capitalize on the ease and utility of picking a card at random as a way to connect with spiritual guidance and wisdom.

To optimize use of both the cards and this journal, first pick a card and then print out the corresponding coloring/journal page in the book (Printing on card stock is recommended for optimal coloring experience). Spend a little time each day coloring the design while reflecting on the word and any affirmation that may be present on the card; jot down any thoughts on the accompanying journal page.